Saffron and Caviar International is Wonderland Centre Groups most recent venture. Established in 2017, Saffron and Caviar International specializes in rare delicate high end food products such as Caviar, Saffron, Honey, Truffles. Our Caviar is imported from Iran, Russia and France with the availabiloity of the most expensive kinds. Our 100% pure and wild Honey and white/red Truffles are all hand collected by our team of scouts that venture into the harsh and desolate mountains of Iran to find them. Lastly our Saffron is all imported from our farms in Mashad Iran, from the first harvest of the year making our Saffron amoungs the best in the world.

Address  :

10 Matar Qadeem, Doha - Qatar

Phone  :

+974 4444 4662